No more suffering due to cancer

Sonia Garcia Blanco
from €25,000 (14%)

My father in law passed away after a few weeks of immense pain. He was diagnosed with cancer at a very late stage, where nothing, apart from pain relief was possible. My father was diagnosed with a cyst cancer around the pancreas at a very early step. The tumor was removed and he is following a normal life. My dream would be to go once a year to the doctor, do a test and ensure that, if something is growing in my body, it will be detected so early that it could be easily treated.

Part of my research at the UT deals with the development of optical sensors for the early detection of diseases. I would love to see this great collaborative effort materializing and helping bringing bigger funding that will permit this dream to come true! 

I will be running a full marathon on the 18th of April 2021 (provided that I do no get injured during my training). The Enschede marathon has been cancelled due to Corona. I will be therefore be running “solo” (or with my support team!). It will be a very special long run, highly motivating since it will bring a worthy contribution towards such great cause!!

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€25 31-05-2021 | 17:23 I realized I forgot to do this before the race - great job Sonia and great cause!
€20 07-05-2021 | 10:36 Great initiatie Sonia, I hope it will help you in achiving the goal!
€20 19-04-2021 | 16:52
€15 18-04-2021 | 22:03
€20 18-04-2021 | 09:51
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Please, help us achiving this goal!

09-03-2021 | 15:17 I am a bit nervous about starting this fundraising campaign. On the one hand, there is the fear of not succeeding in completing the full marathon, maybe due to injury, maybe due to any other unforeseen reason. On the other hand, there is the fear of not getting any funds raising.... what if nobody is interested?  After thinking about it for long time, I decided to follow my mantra: "If you do not ask you do not get!".... you need to get exposed to failure to achieve something great! and this is how this fundraising page starts today! Please, contribute with the amount that you want to this cause! I hope we can raise enough to bring the devices that we are currently developing closer to reality. No more useless pain due to cancer!
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