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The University of Twente aims to stimulate innovative and excellent scientific breakthroughs by offering an inspiring campus environment for students, researchers and visitors. This means that the University must invest in education, research, infrastructure, and above all in people: students, teachers and researchers.

Core funding from the government is no longer sufficient for continuing to deliver top performance with which the University of Twente can distinguish itself from other universities. Fortunately we can count on the generous financial support of alumni and other friends involved with our university. By donating you not only support a project you care about but also contribute to the success of the University of Twente and - directly or indirectly - to the solutions for a number of essential grand challenges of significant relevance to our society.

This crowdfunding platform is an initiative of the University of Twente Foundation. The Fund was founded in 1948 by business and government with the aim of ensuring the continous growth and future success of the University of Twente. Financial contributions to the Fund from both companies and individuals make this possible.

The University of Twente Foundation is recognized by Dutch law as a public benefit organization (ANBI) and is therefore exempt from gift and inheritance tax. This means your gift will fully benefit your chosen cause and can be used for income tax deduction purposes.