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Buy a solar panel! We are a team of students from the University of Twente that is designing, building and racing a high-tech solar powered boat. This way, Solar Boat Twente encourages environmental awareness by the application of renewable energy in the maritime sector. The coming year a multidisciplinary team of dedicated and enthusiastic students of the University of Twente will focus on building a reliable solar boat. As a team we are enterprising, team workers, interested in technology, progressive, caring for the environment, competitive and of course we are passionate about building a solar boat. Together with our partners we aim to push the limits of technological innovations, in order to embrace a great challenge: designing and building the motorboat of tomorrow. In 2019 we will be competing in the Solar Sport One competition. During this competition we will race against other solar boats throughout the Netherlands and in Monaco, where the world championship will be held. The previous team achieved a third place there and we are going to take on that challenge again. This year, the third year since Solar Boat Twente is established, a big switch is happening. We are going to use new solar panels with higher efficiencies, with which we can produce up to 35% more energy! To make that happen we need your help. Each solar cell costs around 25 euros, and we need a bit more than 500. So that's a great expenditure. It would help us a great deal if you would make that possible with us, so we can race with full power over the finish line!
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€ 250

Carolien &

19-05-2019 | 00:14 To: Solar Team Twente