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 The UT turns yellow from 11 to 30 March!   The Exoskeleton Race Team aims to win the Cybathlon 2020 in Zürich. This competition was specially set up for Exoskeleton teams from all over the world. The pilots of the teams have a complete spinal cord lesion and can’t walk without an Exoskeleton. They will be competing against one another by performing various exercises wearing the Exoskeleton. These exercises range from walking up the stairs and standing up from a couch. This is very normal for most of us, but for someone with spinal cord lesion impossible. With the help of an Exoskeleton, paraplegics will be helped to move again and learn how to walk again. The objective of the Cybathlon 2020 is to promote the research for Exoskeletons worldwide and to raise awareness of paraplegia. UT Sports Centre, The Vital Company, Topvorm Twente, and Roc van Twente join forces to start a campaign to get as many people as possible on their feet to support the Exoskeleton Race Team! Students and staff of the UT will be doing sports in large numbers to raise funds for the Exoskeleton Race Team. You can find how this works here. In addition to doing sports, every donation is also more than welcome, and it would be great if you do this through the Bite the Lemon Challenge! Bite the Lemon Challenge Are you ready to bite into a sour lemon? We challenge you to place a video on social media in which you, your sports team, your colleagues, etc. bite a lemon! If you succeed, you challenge 2 others to do the same and place it on their own social media. If they fail to do this within 24 hours, they will have to make a donation to the Exoskeleton Race Team. Needless to say, they can also do both! With the support from the Let’s move for a better world campaign, the UT Exoskeleton Race Team wants to improve and extend the research on and the development of the Exoskeleton. You can help us!
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24-04-2019 | 09:37 To: Solar Boat Twente Allereerst is de techniek uiteraard geweldig leuk en inspirerend, zijn de races een prachtig schouwspel, is promotie van technische studies ondersteuning waard, lijkt mij/ons een bezoek aan de TU geweldig, is een model voor Kirian leuk (7,5 , geinteresseerd in techniek waaronder boten). En solar behoort de toekomst, bijv. juist bij zonnig weer wemelt het in de grachten van Alkmaar van de fossiel-bootjes terwijl juist dan zonne-energie benut kan worden.