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Support Culture! We are Stichting International Student Productions Enschede (InsPE) and we organise productions by and for mainly (international) students and employees of the University of Twente, the Saxion Enschede, the ArteZ Enschede and the ROC of Twente. We want to bring different disciplines and talents together in one big project, to give all these talents a stage to perform. We try to reach as many people as possible by collaborating with many associations, companies and other (student)organisations. On the 28th, 29th and 30th of April, we will perform West Side Story three times in the Rabozaal of the Schouwburg Hengelo. We are already very busy with preparations and rehearsals! With approximately 75 participants, who are part of the cast, orchestra or help with the decor and clothing, we will do our best to put up a high-level performance. The performance is led by a team of professionals who are very fond of our initiative and they have enthusiastically contributed to other student initiatives. Next, we collaborate with the University of Twente who takes care of the rehearsal locations. Furthermore, the cultural umbrella Apollo and the Student Union give us access to a broad network and they support us financially. There is a price-tag for organising West Side Story. To create the right atmosphere on the podium, we need to show our artistic talent by making the decor, doing the grime and design the clothing. So, your money will be used to make our cast and stage prettier! What is the target? The target is to raise €2000. This should be enough to purchase fabrics for clothing, make-up and decor necessities. I
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19-02-2019 | 13:56 To: West Side Story Zo'n groot project vraagt veel inzet van iedereen zowel op het toneel als in de orkestbak. Toi, toi.