Give extra breath to COPD patients

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 “Together with my research group, I want to improve the quality of life for COPD patients who need ventilation. COPD is a disease in which the lungs are severely damaged and chronically inflamed. COPD is not (yet) curable and is in the Netherlands, with 600,000 patients, on the sixth place of fatal diseases. The patients have difficulty breathing and suffer from breathlessness. With my research I first want to gain more insight into the physiology of breathing in patients with severe COPD. With this knowledge, we can then develop tailor-made ventilation techniques and the ventilation machine of the future: a machine that responds to the breathing of each individual patient. Your contribution helps to make this possible! Many thanks in advance! ”

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€5 30-12-2019 | 18:43 Ik ben begaan met de COPD patienten, bovendien wil ik UT onderzoek steunen.