Biosensing Team Twente 2024

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Biosensing Team Twente (BTT) is the 9th and newest student team of the University of Twente officially starting in 2024. Our vision revolves around making medical diagnostic tools more affordable and accesible for everyone by innovation in biosensor technology. We strive to make real world impact by popularising competetive challenges in the biomedical field among students and through that, attract bright minds to compete for health and higher quality of life.

We do that by connecting cutting-edge research around the world, and particularly the labs of our university, to real applications which have a potential of resolving medical challenges such as high costs of diagnosis or inability to do so due to inaccesibility of advanced equipement. Often, the current state of research is enough to bring revolutionary technology into the world, but the regulations in the medical field make the risk too high for small companies and the reward relatively small for large corporations to pursue. We aim to show that even a small team of enthusistic students are able to innovate and build viable solutions, and with our example, encourage a wider adoption of biosensor technology.

Imagine a scenario where, instead of relying on extensive and costly laboratory tests or hospital diagnoses, common conditions affecting millions worldwide could be identified using a compact specialised device- much like the most well known biosenor, used by millions of diabetics to measure blood sugar levels. In 2023 we have sucessfully built a point-of-care device capable of distinguishing between 5 severities of traumatic brain injury (TBI), commonly known as a concusion. All it takes is a drop of blood and 5 minutes, with costs significantly lower than those associated with hospital MRI or CT scans. Moreover, the small size and user-friendly operating interface of the device would ensure diagnosis irrespective to how minor the concusion, to quarantee optimal recovery directions and medical intervention if necessary.

This year 2024, Biosensing Team Twente is working on building a continuous sensor for the diagnosis of kidney failure (AKI), a condition impacting 13.3 millions of people globally each year. As an emerging team, we are actively seeking partners and financial backing to cover expenses for our competition attire and the development of a website. Your contribution will play a crucial role in advancing our research and achieving our goals. Join us in making a meaningful impact on the diagnosis of AKI.