Emergency Fund for UT-Students

from €20,000 (95%)

Help our students in need through this difficult time!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Emergency Fund University Fund Twente

The coronavirus has a hold on our world and controls the daily lives of us all. A crisis like this affects some more than others. Students and PhDs from the University of Twente are also in trouble due to this crisis. There are students who are stuck abroad. Or problems arise from anxiety or depression. Students are also financially affected because, for example, their part-time job in the catering industry has been lost and parents are not always able to assist. Our university is working hard not to let their situation escalate.

In some distressing cases this requires acute financial support. This mainly concerns students who already did not have an easy time before this outbreak. The University Fund Twente wants to offer them support. Can you help us?

We make an urgent appeal to you, alumni, employees, students, all of whom can help! Every contribution, large or small, is welcome. Together we can help the students out. Many thanks!

Gift matching

Twente University Fund will double the first € 10,000 in gifts. That means that every euro you give is worth twice as much. Together we can make a difference for our students!

This newly created emergency fund will be made available to the Student Affairs Coaching & Counseling (SACC) department. This department supports students in all kinds of areas, including finance. They ensure that our donors' resources reach the students and PhDs who are most affected.



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€50 02-04-2023 | 07:37
€50 06-12-2020 | 22:39
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