DroneTeam Twente 2022

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We are DroneTeam Twente, the first and only competitive student drone team in the Netherlands. Made up of 13 international and interdisciplinary students, we work towards the development and application of drones for humanitarian aid. This is done through fully autonomous drones that can deliver packages, even at locations which are difficult to quickly access for aid workers.

Using a VTOL (‘vertical take-off and landing’) design, the drone can be utilized almost anywhere as there is no need for a landing strip, usually not present in disaster areas.

By utilizing fixed wings, the drone is aerodynamically optimised for horizontal flight, thereby reaching the desired location faster and more efficiently. This also increases the range of the drone.

Next to that, the drone is equipped with a camera to map the disaster area, upon which aid workers can anticipate.

The same camera is connected to image recognition software, which detects ground markers. This information can be used to locate where the drone should deliver its package, or to relay emergency cases to the aid workers, such as fires.

These functions will all be tested by our entrance to the IMech UAS Challenge in England, where the drone will perform a humanitarian rescue mission in a simulated disaster area.

As a studentteam, we are dependent on donations and sponsors. Do you want to help us? Every donation counts! Thank you!

Do you want to know more about DroneTeam Twente? Please visit https://droneteamtwente.nl or follow our socials.