Electric Superbike Twente 2024

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Reshape electric motor racing

We are Electric Superbike Twente, an interdisciplinary group of 14 students who pause their studies for a year to dedicate themselves full-time to developing an electric motorcycle (Electric Superbike) for racing. Our team consists of students from various disciplines, ranging from mechanical engineering and electrical engineering to technical medicine and integrated safety science. Last year we started developing our fifth generation superbike. We will continue building this engine this year and will hit the track in the spring!

We want to show the world that electric racing can be an integral part of a sustainable future, because innovations in this sector can have a significant impact: racing has traditionally been known as the breeding ground for technological developments. These innovations ultimately find their way to the consumer market where they are further developed for the broader public.

As the seventh team of Electric Superbike Twente, we want to demonstrate that electric racing not only has the future, but will also be the future. To make a lasting impact on the world of electric motorcycle racing, we strive to continuously develop innovative ideas. This not only to challenge ourselves, but also to be at the forefront of electric racing technology. That's why our mission is: "Reshape electric motor racing"!

We have the ambition to achieve this by adding an element that has not yet been applied in electric racing; namely a battery swap system. We will replace the used battery pack in the pit stop with a new one. This requires not only intensive practice in battery swapping procedures, but also extensive testing of our engine.

That's why we really need your help! You can help us by making a donation. A test on the roller bench or a test day on the track are essential to fully develop our engine and ensure the safety of our driver. All this in preparation for the competitions planned this spring. But these tests do entail significant costs. Support us by choosing one of our donation packages with nice rewards or with a donation amount of your choice!

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in making electric racing thé future! Want to know more? Follow our team and our races via www.electricsuperbiketwente.nl!