European Championship Volleyball

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Help us become European champions!

In the summer of 2024, we, the Student Volleyball team of the University of Twente, want to participate in the European Student Championship in Hungary! Last year we participated in the national student championship, where we took the first place by beating all other student cities. We were recently invited to compete for the European Student Cup!

We are a group of driven and enthusiastic volleyball players who combine studying in Twente with high-level sports. Sport is an outlet for us, but also our social life. A tournament like this gives us the opportunity to learn a lot in different areas:

Competitive Challenge: Participating in a European Student Championship offers the opportunity to measure yourself against talented players from all over Europe. It's our chance to test ourselves at a high level of competition and see how you stack up against other players of a similar level.

International Experience: The European Championship not only gives us the opportunity to compete in sporting terms, but also to discover new cultures and make international friendships. It is a unique chance to get in contact with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, which can lead to valuable intercultural exchange and broadening our worldview.

Team Spirit and Collaboration: Volleyball is a team sport that requires strong team spirit and cooperation. By participating in a European Student Championship, you will not only work on improving your individual skills, but also on strengthening the bonds within your team. Working together toward a common goal can create an even deeper bond between teammates and helps us to develop valuable life skills such as communication, organization, leadership and teamwork.

So we really want to go to Hungary! But this involves quite a few costs, so we desperately need your support! Every contribution brings us one step closer to the European Championship. Every little bit helps: so will you help us represent Enschede and the Netherlands in Hungary next summer? Thank you so much in advance for your support!

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