Electric Superbike Twente 2021

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 Will you help us build the fastest electric superbike?   

Last September was the start of the fourth generation Electric Superbike Twente team. We are a team made of 15 students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. We have dedicated one year to create our ultimate goal: Build a sustainable superbike!  

At Electric Superbike Twente we want the racing sport to be preserved for future generations. With our electric superbike, we want to show that sustainable racing is also extremely exciting and competitive. With a multidisciplinary team of young and creative minds, we aim to reach and exceed MotoGP lap times within three years.  

In 2021 we want to participate in multiple international races. Currently on the agenda are the races in Finland, England, and Bermuda. The superbike that we bring with us will combine the knowledge we gathered in our first three years. We have made great strides with not just power, but also safety and reliability.  

You can help us reach our goals! Contribute through this crowdfund and adopt a battery cell. The battery pack is the beating heart of our superbike and with a total of 576 battery cells in the motor, we are racing to the finish line. Each cell is unique, with each one performing slightly differently from others. If your adopted cell performs the best, we will invite you to one of our test days!

Want to know more about Electric Superbike Twente? Then check out our  website  and facebookinstagram  and LinkedIn page! 


Photo's by: Sebastiaan Bors, Anne Bulten en Emmelie Huisman