Electric Superbike Twente

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Help us reshape electric racing! 

Ever since 2017, the student team Electric Superbike Twente strives to accomplish our goal of preserving racing for future generations. As Electric Superbike Twente we want to show the world that racing can be part of a sustainable future and that innovations in this sector are most definitely worth it.   
The racing world is namely a breeding ground for technological innovations, and these innovations often find their way back to the consumer market. By innovating in the racing sector, Electric Superbike Twente strives to also have an impact in making the consumer market more sustainable.   

As the sixth team of Electric Superbike Twente, we feel very strongly that something has to change to have a lasting and significant impact on the electric motor racing world. Therefore, we want to do something radically different in the coming years. This is exactly the reason why our mission for the coming years is:  

                                             ‘Reshape electric racing’ 

We plan to do this by adding an element that has not yet been used in any branch of the electric racing world, namely, a battery swap with which we can quickly replace the depleted battery with a newly charged one. 

For this, we can use your help! By donating to this crowdfund you can help us achieve our goals and, in this way, we can reshape electric racing together!