Support our Future Factory

Future Factory: hotspot for innovation and ambition!

In 2020, we, five multidisciplinary student teams from the UT, moved into a joint building at Kennispark: the Future Factory. It is a hotspot for enthusiasm, innovation and
ambition where students develop the technology of the future together.

The shared workshop is the beating heart of our building: here we build the solar boat, the hydrogen car, the drones, the robots and the electric racing bike together. Quality tools are crucial. Not only for us but also for all the teams that will come after us.

We would therefore like to invest in the best tools so that our designs can be built
exactly as we envisioned them. Will you help to furnish our workshop in the best
possible way with the tools and devices that can last for generations?

On behalf of all students of the Future Factory, many thanks!

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€25 01-04-2023 | 22:01
€5 16-06-2022 | 18:30
€25 16-06-2022 | 18:29