Green Team Twente 2021

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Help us to promote hydrogen!

 "In 2021 our goal is to become world champion at the Shell Eco-Marathon. Additionally, we want to establish ourselves as hydrogen and sustainability knowledge centre. We need your help and support to realize these goals!


We are Green Team Twente. We are a multi-disciplinary student team from the University of Twente and Saxion University of applied sciences. Our main goal is to build the most efficient hydrogen car in the world. As a proof of concept Green Team Twente competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon. In 2019 we became world champion at the Shell Eco-Marathon. This year we want to successfully defend our title.


As a hydrogen racing team, we additionally want to focus on creating more hydrogen awareness. We want to start the conversation to accelerate the transition to renewable energies. Currently, we are busy building education programs for highschool students. In this way, we want to enlighten the new generation about hydrogen and sustainability and why these topics are of importance.


This year we want to gather more knowledge about hydrogen. We want to build a knowledge centre for hydrogen and sustainability. It is important to gain more awareness for hydrogen and sustainability to successfully battle climate change.


We want to gain more hydrogen awareness by realizing the following plans:

- Establish an education program for highschool students
- Create an exhibition of our hydrogen cars in the MuseumFabriek
- Realize a documentary about hydrogen and Green Team Twente
- Develop a knowledge centre for hydrogen and sustainability between companies 


We hope that we can count on your support to realize these goals. Informing the world about hydrogen and sustainability is of utmost importance to start the transition from fossil fuels to sources of renewable energy. We want to accelerate this transition especially now the Dutch government is investing in hydrogen.


Let’s unite in the battle against climate change! 


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