Green Team Twente 2022

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Help us promote hydrogen!

We are Green Team Twente. We are the student team of the University of Twente that has built the most efficient hydrogen car in the world. This year we have the largest team ever, consisting of 27 team members (almost all full time). This makes us the largest student team of the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool. That is why we have decided to completely change course this year. This year will be dominated by our transition from efficiency to speed.

As Green Team Twente, we have specialized in making a highly efficient hydrogen car for the past eleven years. With this we travel to London every year to race against other universities from all over the world. during the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM). In an explanation video of our current team, we show in more detail what our team aspires to. This year's theme is the transition from efficiency to speed.

In addition to building our highly efficient hydrogen car, we will also be looking for speed with hydrogen this year. We will be the only hydrogen car to participate in Formula Student in the electric class. Our goal is to show that you can also achieve high speeds with hydrogen. Hydrogen is the answer to the growing demand for a sustainable energy carrier. We are committed to demonstrating the possibilities of hydrogen in a responsible manner.

To achieve high speeds with hydrogen, we need the following parts:
• An engine that can deliver higher power.
• A body with a more pointed nose, which can withstand high speeds.

In addition to the technical objectives, we also want to profile ourselves as the leading knowledge center for hydrogen in the Netherlands. It is important to create more awareness so that the energy transition to a cleaner energy can be made faster. We are already well on the way with this. Last year, with the help of our network and relations, we were able to make our own documentary: “Waterstof, Fuel of the Future”, which has the potential to be broadcast on national television.

To create more awareness for hydrogen, we will set up the following actions:
• A curriculum with animations for primary and secondary school students.
• A Green Team Twente Young team that will participate in the Shell Eco Marathon in 2023 with our help.

Help us achieve our goals both technically and socially and support our crowdfunding! Creating more awareness is especially important now so that the energy transition can finally start in the right way. By being a forerunner in the hydrogen world and connecting with society, we raise awareness of sustainable sources of energy and hydrogen.

Green Team Twente believes that hydrogen is the solution for our future, the sustainable future!

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