Kipaji Scholarship Fund 2021

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“Thanks to the Kipaji Scholarship Fund, I was able to start my master Sustainable Energy Technology at the University of Twente in September. In Indonesia I completed my bachelor Electrical engineering with a specialization in energy systems. There is still a lot to be gained in this area in my country. Most of the energy is generated by fossil fuels like brown coal. This causes air pollution and is harmful to flora and fauna. The costs for the switch to sustainable energy are high. In Twente I want to gain the knowledge to make the use of sustainable energy more attractive. My dream is that my country will become more sustainable, cleaner and more prosperous. I got this opportunity thanks to the donors of the University Fund: do you help to give other students the same chance? Terima kasih! ”

Elpha Arafin from Indonesia, Master student of Sustainable Energy Technology

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