Negotiation Project Twente 2021

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Let's Negiotiate!

Communication skills are essential to productive work and interpersonal relationships. Yet many people have never been trained in these skills. We see it as our mission to support students in the Twente area to become better communicators.

The Negotiation Project Twente (NPT), is a foundation at the University of Twente that uniquely trains highly motivated students from different backgrounds in negotiation. Every year, from October to July, students partake in weekly training sessions.

For as long as the NPT has existed, its students have excelled in international competitions such as The Negotiation Challenge (TNC), the Warsaw Negotiation Round (WNR) and the Global Negotiation Conference (GNC), surpassing universities such as Harvard and Cambridge, famous for their negotiation expertise. We are directly connected to the University of Twente. Our teachers include PhD communication researchers, consultants and have won international competitions.

With your donation we will be able to improve the quality of our programme and continue sending our students to high profile international competitions.

Thank you in advance! Do you want to know more? Go to our website!