Ukraine Fund for Students and Colleagues

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Help our students and colleagues in need

We are shocked by the terrible events currently taking place in Ukraine. Also within the UT community there are employees, students, alumni and others who feel personal involvement in the situation there, in one way or another. Because they have their roots there, because they have family and friends there, or are otherwise touched by what is happening at the moment.

Let's show that the UT community is there for each other

About 200 employees and students from our UT community have Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian nationality. For them, in addition to all the worries for family and friends, the current situation can also have financial consequences. For example, they cannot access their bank account, temporarily or otherwise, or it is not possible to receive financing from third parties as usual. The university asks staff and students affected by this to report and is currently investigating how it can best support those affected. The university has also appealed to the University Fund to help.

Your donation will be matched!

That is why the University Fund is starting this Emergency Fund Ukraine. With your contribution, we as a UT community can offer as much support as possible. Every donation counts and up to 50K every donation is doubled by the University Fund.

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€100 06-06-2022 | 20:23 Together for the UT community!
€100 06-06-2022 | 20:23
€50 05-06-2022 | 19:55 Together for the UT community!
€50 05-06-2022 | 19:55
€15 26-05-2022 | 09:01 Together for the UT community!