Rocket-team AzimUT

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 Help our rocket aim for the starts!

Space Society Twente is going to build and launch a rocket! To enable this, a new team has started: AzimUT! Full of ambition and motivation, we hope to build a reliable rocket this year that we will continue to work with in 2021 until a successful launch.

We are the first UT rocket team and for us “the sky is not the limit”: we go for the stars! Our goal is a test launch in February and an actual launch at the end of this academic year. We started with nothing so we are busy to achieve our goals.

Our team now consists of 5 students from the University of Twente. We want to show that aerospace engineering is not only very spectacular, but also accessible and fun. We are the second university student team in the Netherlands to develop and build a rocket. Naturally we hope that we will compete with DARE from TU Delft soon!

But we need your help to realize this project. Give the team a boost by donating and help us launch this rocket and project! Thank you very much for your support!

For more information go to our website!