Robo Team Twente

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At RoboTeam Twente, we shape the future of artificial intelligence by participating in the annual RoboCup competition - particularly in the RoboCup Soccer league. Within a just few years of our establishment in 2016, our team has expanded considerably and has attained remarkable milestones.

We have secured distinguished global rankings in the preceding RoboCup competitions and strive towards the 1st position in future tournaments. At the same time, our team understands its responsibilities towards the society in the context of AI. We believe that educating and inspiring the younger generations towards the power of robotics is a key factor in the integration of AI in our daily lives and thereby reaping its benefits. With that spirit, RoboTeam organises regular workshops and training sessions, often at schools.

The principal propeller of our growth was the support from sponsors, team members, partners and enthusiasts. Due to hefty COVID- 19 regulations, this year has been difficult for the team - in terms of collaboration and for producing measurable results. Yet, we are toiling every day to keep the spirit of RoboTeam Twente alive and for achieving a high ranking at the upcoming RoboCup.

Through our crowdfunding campaign, we would like to request your support of the cause that we stand for. Your donation will enable us to continue propagating AI and robotics and hence, moulding the future. It will let our passionate team members continue enjoying their work and investing in new robot parts. Will you help us? Become our supporter and donate now! Thank you!