Solar Boat Team 2023

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The flying boat of tomorrow!

Solar Boat Twente builds the solarboat of tomorrow! Innovative techniques are designed, produced and optimised for the reliable solar boat to create environmental awareness and encourage sustainability in the maritime sector. Solar Boat Twente 2022-2023 is a group of 21 enthusiastic and dedicated students of the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, who work on the project passionately.

We, the sixth team, will use and expand the knowledge of the previous teams to achieve better results for the future. The previous team was successful in getting the boat to fly on easy waters. We want to optimise the boat so we can also fly on the rougher waters of Monaco! But why Monaco you might wonder? Because we will compete in the Solar Sport One competition, which contains the National Championships in Akkrum and World Championships in Monaco.  We hope to achieve a podium position and inspire the maritime sector to be more sustainable.

Help us achieve these goals and support us with this crowdfunding! Every contribution helps us further and will help us fly our boat over the finish!