Solar Boat Twente 2021

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Will you help Solar Boat Twente to fly?

We are a studentteam consisting of thirteen enthusiastic students from all kinds of study backgrounds. Together, as team Solar Boat Twente, we promote environmental awareness through the use of sustainable energy in the maritime sector. Because the boat of last year could not travel many miles, we are lucky to use our ‘Twentsch Pegasus’ as a base for further development this year. We will focus on making this boat fly stabily and performing our best during competitions.

To make this happen, we have to work closely together as a team. We are entrepreneurial, interested in technology, innovative, environmentally aware, competitive and, where necessary, support each other to develop a reliable solar boat that can fly above the water. By pushing the boundaries of technological innovations together with our partners, we have a great challenge: designing and building the boat of tomorrow.

In 2021 we will participate in the Solar Sport One competition, the Dutch Championships in Akkrum and the World Championships in Monaco, if the corona measures allow us to go. No matter how competitive we are, safety is and remains our priority. As the fourth Solar Boat Twente team, we want to improve the technical foundation for future teams. That is why this year we mainly focus on the proper adjustment and optimization of last year's boat. The hydrofoils are a very special part of our boat. These ensure that our boat can "fly" above the water. A boat that can fly might sound curious, but it is possible! Our boat sails on hydrofoils: wings shaped like those of a plane, but instead of flying through air, our wings glide through water underneath our boat. These wings can push our boat out of the water, making it look like it is flying. This does not only look really cool, it minimizes our resistance, so that we use less energy, or use our energy more efficiently!

 All the little bits help, for a small contribution you can help us make the boat fly and perform optimally during the races! It would help us enormously if you would support us with a contribution on this crowdfunding platform so that we can improve our technical foundation and make our 'Twentsch Pegasus' fly!