Solar Boat Twente 2022

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Will you help Solar Boat Twente to fly?

We are Solar Boat Twente! We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic students at the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Solar Boat Twente promotes environmental awareness by applying renewable energy in the maritime sector.

Next year, our multidisciplinary team will focus on developing a modular boat. We will use Echo, the boat of team 2020 - 2021, as the base for our new developments. The goal of this year is to build a stable flying boat and also to establish a basis for the next team. As a team we are entrepreneurial, interested in technology, innovative, environmentally conscious, competitive and support each other where necessary to develop a reliable solar boat that can fly above the water. By pushing the boundaries of technological innovations together with our partners, we have a beautiful challenge: to design and build the boat of tomorrow.

In 2022, we will participate in the Solar Sport One Challenge, the NK in Akkrum and the World Championship in Monaco, provided that the corona measures allow it at that time. As competitive as we are, safety remains our number one priority.

As the fifth Solar Boat Twente team, we want to improve the technical foundation for future teams. Therefore, this year we are working on modular designs for new components. The propulsion system and hydrofoils allow our boat to fly above the water. Using hydrofoils with a similar shape to airplane wings, at a certain speed the hull gets pushed out of the water, making it look like the boat is flying. By flying, we reduce the resistance of water, so we use less energy, or in other words, use our energy more efficiently!

This year, we will make a new powertrain. We are doing this because our current powertrains casing is not watertight. We are opting for a completely new design this year, where we will put the motor inside the boat. This way we can choose a different kind of motor that can deliver more power. To be able to pay for a part of the strut and engine we need your help!

Help us make this possible and support us with this crowdfunding campaign! Each contribution helps us further and so we can make our boat fly over the water!