Solar Team Twente 2023

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Charge our batteries!

Will you help us to collect enough energy to finish first in Adelaide? By adopting our battery cells you can deliver the charge we need to become world champions! Contribute to building the world’s most efficient solar-powered car by charging our batteries, and help us win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October 2023!

We are Solar Team Twente. We are a team of ambitious students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente. Our goal is to design and build the most efficient solar-powered car in the world. In October 2023, we will put RED X, our newest car, to the test at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. In this endurance race of more than 3000 kilometres, straight through the outback, teams from all over the world compete for the prestigious world title. However, we are allowed to drive the full distance on only one full battery charge. Therefore, we need to build the most efficient and fastest solar car imaginable.

It requires a solar car of world class to win this enormous challenge, so we are pioneering at the forefront of automotive innovation. In all of this, maximum efficiency is our main driver. In order to build one of the most high-tech and efficient batteries in the world, we are asking for your help! By adopting our battery cells, you can charge our batteries and make our dream come true! Your contribution to our battery pack will make the difference between winning or losing!

Follow the adventure of Solar Team Twente on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or our website. The new solar car, RED X, will be revealed soon, so keep an eye out on our channels…