Solar Team Twente 2024

from €7,500 (5%)

Help us drive as many kilometers through South Africa on solar energy as possible!

Would you like to support us on our journey in South Africa? Sponsor us to make it possible that we to cross the finish line as winners of the most challenging solar race in the world! Help us build the world's most efficient solar car and win the Sasol Solar Challenge in September 2024!

We are Solar Team Twente, a team of ambitious students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente. Our goal is to design and build the most efficient and reliable solar car in the world. In September 2024 we will put the innovative solar car, RED X, to the ultimate test during the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa. In this endurance race of more than 2,500 kilometers across the country, teams from all over the world compete in this ultimate challenge. However, we are only allowed to drive for the full eight days on one full battery charge. That is why we must innovate for the most efficient and fastest solar car imaginable.

Winning this amazing challenge requires a world-class solar car, so we are pioneers in automotive innovation. To build one of the most advanced and efficient solar cars in the world, we are asking for your help! By making a financial contribution, you can help us make our dream come true!

Your contribution will make a difference in the development of our innovations, which can mean the difference between winning or losing! Many thanks in advance for your support!

Follow the adventure of Solar Team Twente on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on our website. Stay tuned as we unveil the innovative solar car, RED X.