Solar Team Twente

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Finish first!

Will you drive with us through the heart of Australia? Help us to realize our goal, winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019, and you name will shine on the Escort vehicle of our race convoy! The Escort leads our solar car through the Outback. You will join us on every inch of the race!

We are Solar Team Twente. Our team consist of nineteen enthusiastic students of Saxion university of applied sciences and University of Twente. Our goal is to develop the most efficient solar car and drive it 3000 kilometers through the rough Outback, from Darwin to Adelaide. By developing a solar car, creating innovative ideas and inspiring others, we contribute to a more sustainable future. We set our studies on hold for a year and a half to work night and day on our goals.

The development of the most efficient solar car requires the best solar cells. This year we designed our car for the use of a new solar cell type with the highest energy efficiency in Solar Team Twente history! To finance the best solar panel that will get us across the finish line first we need your support! Contributing to our solar panel gives you the opportunity to travel along with your name, a personal message or even a picture.

Make sure that your name, message or picture will be present on the Escort vehicle and support us with a contribution to our solar panel! We are looking forward to your motivating message or picture!

Whatever you do, do not forget to follow our great adventure on our social media channels.

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